Learn with Diagrams: Old-School Grammar Meets New-School Medium

Sentence diagrams are a great way to make the nitty-gritty of grammar visual and understandable. It's now available in an online, interactive format!

I can clearly remember sitting in a desk in my elementary school English class working on diagramming sentences. Call me a dork, but I just love a good sentence diagram. Suddenly, fuzzy grammar becomes logical, categorical and, well, it all just fits together so neatly! {I was given free access to this product and compensated […]

To Print or Not to Print: And How I Answered that Question

We're a techie family. We use tons of online resources and I have lots of digital curriculum. So, how do I decide what to print?

You probably know that we’re a big techie family around here. We’re big into Digital Schooling and love to use technology like our Kindle Fire tablets as an integral part of homeschooling. And, while a completely paperless homeschool might seem like a great idea, it’s not always possible or even ideal. Keep reading to find […]