Full Circle: Disney Circle Review

Have any questions I can answer for you to help you make a choice?

We’ve tried lots of different ways to manage internet usage in our home. The Disney Circle met a lot of our wifi monitoring needs, while avoiding the pitfalls of some other software or management devices. Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 {This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure.I was given this product in exchange for my […]

25+ Free Brave Writer Resources

Our favorite homeschool writing program is Brave Writer. Check out these free resources to support your language arts and literature studies!

We’ve been a Brave Writer family for several years now. Freewriting, narrations, poetry teatime, and the whole Brave Writer Lifestyle have had such an impact on our family. Of course, I highly recommend any of their products.However, if you want to give them a test drive first, they have some wonderful free samples available – […]

Science Devotions: A New Twist on Science Exploration

Want to do science experiments with your kids and illustrate a gospel concept at the same time? Check out Science Devotions from KidMin Science!

When I was at the HEAV Convention in June, I had the privilege to meet Josh Denhert, founder of KidMin Science. Josh, father of four kiddos, was formerly a high school science teacher, later a youth ministry leader, and currently the creator of multiple Science VBS programs, ministry training videos, and now Science Devotions for […]

Expand Chore Time to Financial Management Training with the Homey App

All families need to complete household chores. But what if you could extend chore time to a financial management learning experience? Try the Homey app!

I’ve written before about how to create a chore system for your family and ways to manage that. But what if you could expand the horizon of “chore time” beyond just getting some household tasks done? What if family chores could actually be a launch-pad for some very practical, hands-on financial management experience! {I was […]

Why Online Learning Makes Sense for Math

Even though we explore math as a family, we still need a way for everyone to practice on their own level. CTC is a great option for online math learning!

If you’ve been around a while, you know that we love doing math family-style.  But, while we’re able to do a lot through hands-on exploration and discussion, there is a limit. For math practice, we really need a way to be able to differentiate. Each student needs work geared specifically towards his or her own […]

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coaching: Assessment and Support for My Struggling Reader

Like any over-enthusiastic, planning-to-homeschool mom, I started reviewing letters and phonics with my oldest when he was three. He learned them quickly and was “reading” three-letter words just days before his fourth birthday. But even though we continued instruction and practice, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses from there. I wondered … Maybe reading just […]

Learn with Diagrams: Old-School Grammar Meets New-School Medium

Sentence diagrams are a great way to make the nitty-gritty of grammar visual and understandable. It's now available in an online, interactive format!

I can clearly remember sitting in a desk in my elementary school English class working on diagramming sentences. Call me a dork, but I just love a good sentence diagram. Suddenly, fuzzy grammar becomes logical, categorical and, well, it all just fits together so neatly! {I was given free access to this product and compensated […]