Upping Our Audiobook Game

Do you like to listen to audiobooks? Check out these tips and suggestions for how to add a little pizazz to your audiobook experience!

Around here we love read-aloud time … in theory.  The things that make actual, in-practice read aloud time challenging are … When Mama is tired and is all “talked-out” for the day. When Mama is holding a Ninja Toddler and has to juggle boy and book.  (The laws of physics do not allow Mama to […]

More Poetry Goodies

We love poetry teatime! And we love visiting the library to find new poetry books. Check out our latest finds that cover many different subjects!

Wednesday is our Poetry Teatime.  We’ve come to really look forward to it!  And one of my favorite things is that included in the category of poetry is pretty much every other topic under the sun!  I love that there are so many other subjects to explore in poetic format.  Here are some of the […]