Full Circle: Disney Circle Review

Have any questions I can answer for you to help you make a choice?

We’ve tried lots of different ways to manage internet usage in our home. The Disney Circle met a lot of our wifi monitoring needs, while avoiding the pitfalls of some other software or management devices. Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 {This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure.I was given this product in exchange for my […]

100+ Pregnancy and Postpartum Hacks from a Homeschool Mom of 8

Homeschooling is challenging. Add in pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing and you've got a full plate! Here are some tips from a homeschool mom of 8!

There’s one thing for sure about homeschooling: it encompasses all of life. And all of life is fair game for homeschooling! So, when mama is expecting, you can bet that pregnancy and postpartum issues are on the list of homeschool management concerns! I’m going to be really honest with you. I’m not a nutrition or […]

Children’s Tales for Grownup Talks

Sometimes parents need to have big talks with little people. Guest contributor Sarah Moulson is here to show us how to do that through reading stories!

Dear reader, it is my great privilege to introduce a new guest contributor here at Homeschooling without Training Wheels! I officially met Sarah Moulson when her husband was called as the Assistant Pastor of our church. I am now blessed to think of her first and foremost as a dear friend. As former teachers and […]

Expand Chore Time to Financial Management Training with the Homey App

All families need to complete household chores. But what if you could extend chore time to a financial management learning experience? Try the Homey app!

I’ve written before about how to create a chore system for your family and ways to manage that. But what if you could expand the horizon of “chore time” beyond just getting some household tasks done? What if family chores could actually be a launch-pad for some very practical, hands-on financial management experience! {I was […]

10 Reasons Why Homeschool Parents Fear Screen Time

There are so many online resources for homeschool families. But many parents struggle with concerns about screen time. What are the reasons for the worry?

I can’t tell you how many homeschool moms I’ve talked to who are genuinely worried about the ill effects of ‘screen time’ in their homes. I’m not talking about the dangers of internet use, like child predators, identity theft, etc. Those are real dangers, to be sure and a topic for another post (or several). […]