What Do We Do With All This Candy?!?

Do you have a lot of extra candy? Check out this big list ways to use the candy in your homeschool for educational activities!

This is the candy time of the year! Even if you don’t go Trick-or-Treating, you might be inundated with candy from … grandparents, Daddy’s work, the physical therapist’s waiting room … So, what do you do with all that candy? Are you doomed to days of sugar-charged circus ringmaster-ing? How can you possibly convince them […]

Why Online Learning Makes Sense for Math

Even though we explore math as a family, we still need a way for everyone to practice on their own level. CTC is a great option for online math learning!

If you’ve been around a while, you know that we love doing math family-style.  But, while we’re able to do a lot through hands-on exploration and discussion, there is a limit. For math practice, we really need a way to be able to differentiate. Each student needs work geared specifically towards his or her own […]

What Exactly is “Living Math” and How Do I Teach It?

Maybe you've heard about "living books" or "living math". Maybe it sounds appealing. Maybe it sounds overwhelming! Come find a great resource!

If you’re a fan of Charlotte Mason or if you’ve spent much time in Charlotte Mason circles, you may have heard of “living books” – books that present a warm, “living” look at a subject in an engaging, often narrative style. And, on target with our Math Month conversations, maybe you’ve also heard of “living […]