My Favorite 2016 Posts

There are some posts that have gotten a lot of page views. And then there are some less-visited posts that are dear to my heart. Here are my favorites.

Last week, I gave you a little behind-the-scenes peek at the most popular posts of 2016 – those posts with the highest number of views. That’s one way to look at the juiciest treats the blog has to offer. But today, I’d like to get a little more personal. There are some posts that may not have […]

Tools for Tackling Anger

How do you manage mom-anger in the moment? Follow me to the HEAV blog and let's talk about some ideas and tips for handling those mad-mama-moments!

The alarm goes off. As much as I would like to ignore it, I’m a “good girl,” so I get up, shuffle through morning grooming, and plod downstairs. Bible and first cup of coffee in hand, I sink into the armchair … just as the six year old and three year old start fighting in […]

3 Takes on Anger

Do you struggle with mom-anger in your homeschool? Think about and examine what is underneath that anger. What can it tell you about your own heart?

My monthly guest post on the Home Educators Association of Virginia blog is live today!  I wrote about three perspectives on anger, similar to the conversations I’ve had recently on Periscope.  (You can also catch them on my YouTube channel.) Every family has relationship issues. Homeschooling tends to bring those issues to the surface. It’s […]

Do NOT Teach Science (Today)

Do you worry about your kids learning enough science or the right science? The best thing you could do today might be to NOT teach science.

There’s a great big world out there.  And you want your kids to learn about it all!  Science!  Yay!  (Or maybe it’s “Science! Yikes!”)  How do you make sure that you’re doing all the “right stuff”? Science Disposition How would you describe yourself when it comes to homeschool science?  Are you … Nervous about teaching […]