The Psychology of Homeschooling with a Toddler

Homeschooling is hard work. Multiply that by the number of toddlers tagging along for the journey. How do you get your head in the game for this task?

Homeschooling.  With a toddler.  Need I say more?  As homeschool families everywhere start back to school, there seems to be an echo across the Internet.  “We had a great first day back, but the toddler …”  The echoes are reverberating in my soul, and I haven’t even started back to school yet. Over the summer, […]

Why I Teach Latin (And You Don’t Have To)

Are you thinking about teaching your kids Latin? Are you feeling the pressure? You might not have to!

Sure, there are lots and lots of reasons to study Latin.  I don’t think I’d have a hard time convincing folks it’s a decent subject to include in our homeschool. Improved Understanding of English You can drive a car without understanding much about how the engine works.  But if you are going to take out […]

The One Parenting Trick that Fixed Everything

Want to Fix Everything? I included this graphic in my SOS (Subscriber-Only Saturday) Newsletter last weekend.  Did you see it?  Have you been curious to see what I would have to share?  Wouldn’t you love to have a trick that will fix all of your parenting problems?!? Well, I’ve really gone above and beyond, because […]