Pictures are NOT Worth a Thousand Words

Today I am guest posting about Pictures and Words over at They Call Me Blessed!   You’ve seen the pictures. Pictures of perfect families. Pictures of amazing science experiments. Pictures of sports victories and performance successes.  Pictures of kids reading quietly or eating properly.  Pictures of enriching field trips, and fabulous vacations.  Pictures of perfectly organized […]

It Happened without Me

Sometimes I think that it would be so encouraging if I could trace all of the wonderful moments in homeschooling and parenting back to the great things I’ve done, taught or prepared.  But then all the pressure would be on me to keep them happening, wouldn’t it?  And so, today, I am rejoicing in what […]

Pruning the Dead Branches

Thought about and searched for this tonight … Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening: Morning for April 29th “Thou art my hope in the day of evil.” –Jeremiah 17:17 The path of the Christian is not always bright with sunshine; he has his seasons of darkness and of storm. True, it is written in God’s Word, “Her […]

Singing in Sorrow

A friend mentioned that she’s been taking great comfort in Psalm 13, so I’ve been reading over it today, too. To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How long must I take counsel in my soul and […]

Little Points of Light

Sometimes when I read blog posts or look at pictures that show the amazing things other homeschool moms are doing with their kids, I hate those moms just a little bit.  I imagine that they are better than me and that they look down on me.  I want to argue and defend myself and explain […]

Three Things

  This morning I was not looking forward to church.  It isn’t that I don’t like our church or that I don’t want to hear God’s word.  It’s just all the getting there.  And the managing of people.  And, today, the taking food and eating there.  But it was worth it.  So worth it.  Came […]

Looking for Answers

Practical solutions are, at best, a temporary relief. Answers of eternal good, that help despite the circumstances, are ones that transcend circumstances.

Things still feel rough around here.  I still feel like I’m searching for answers.  I’ve made some progress on the track of practical solutions.  But I also have to admit that practical solutions are, at best, a temporary relief.  But (I should know this by now!) the answers that are of eternal good, that help […]

Do the Next Thing

I just love this poem.  Some sites credit it to Elizabeth Elliot.  Others mention that she shared it as from an anonymous author.  I haven’t been able to find out for sure who wrote it, so I’ll leave it unattributed for now.  I have had a copy of this poem for quite some time and […]