Play Everyday in May

Want to take a peek at some of our favorite board games? Mary from Not Before 7 and I will be on Facebook Live sharing some family hits!

Welcome to Play Everyday in May! Fellow blogger, Mary of NotBefore7 and I are excited to hop on Facebook Live and share some of our favorite games this month! Summer is coming. If you’re like us, you want a change of pace in the summer. But you also know that completely open-ended unstructured free time from […]

Facts that Stick

So you want to introduce addition and subtraction facts to your kids and you want them to stick? Is there a better method than just "drill and kill"?

Sure you could just drill those math facts with flashcards. And some of them might stick. If you have a visually oriented child, he might memorize the shapes of the number sentences. If you have an auditory child, she might learn the rhythm and cadence of the repeated sounds. But we want more than that, don’t we? […]