Play Everyday in May

Want to take a peek at some of our favorite board games? Mary from Not Before 7 and I will be on Facebook Live sharing some family hits!

Welcome to Play Everyday in May! Fellow blogger, Mary of NotBefore7 and I are excited to hop on Facebook Live and share some of our favorite games this month! Summer is coming. If you’re like us, you want a change of pace in the summer. But you also know that completely open-ended unstructured free time from […]

The Next Thing

One of the things that I have recently found to be a crushing burden of homeschool (for me, for now) is the feeling of needing to “finish” something in a given time.  I fear that if I don’t finish it, my kids will be “behind”.  I fear that if I don’t finish it, I will […]

Snuggle Number

So.  This has been a challenging week.  At some point I need to write a follow-up post to the very somber-toned ones I put up on Monday.  But right now I feel more like keeping it light and sharing something fun! A couple of days ago on Instagram a friend shared a picture of her […]

The Slow Trickle of Math Change

From the beginning, we’ve use the Abeka Arithmetic series.  And honestly, the truth is that I really like it.  Full disclosure: I’ve only ever purchased and used the student (consumable) books and the answer key, so I really can’t speak to the teachers’ guides or how they recommend you teach a concept, what learning activities […]