Full Circle: Disney Circle Review

Have any questions I can answer for you to help you make a choice?

We’ve tried lots of different ways to manage internet usage in our home. The Disney Circle met a lot of our wifi monitoring needs, while avoiding the pitfalls of some other software or management devices. Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 {This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure.I was given this product in exchange for my […]

Gift Giving for a Large Family

A large family is lots of fun, especially at the holidays. But how to you buy gifts for everyone without overspending your budget? Here are some ideas!

It’s true – children are a blessing. And having a large family can be really fun during the holidays! But how do you manage gift giving? And what suggestions can you offer to relatives who want to bless your children with gifts without spending their whole holiday budget on your family? {This post contains affiliate […]

25+ Free Brave Writer Resources

Our favorite homeschool writing program is Brave Writer. Check out these free resources to support your language arts and literature studies!

We’ve been a Brave Writer family for several years now. Freewriting, narrations, poetry teatime, and the whole Brave Writer Lifestyle have had such an impact on our family. Of course, I highly recommend any of their products.However, if you want to give them a test drive first, they have some wonderful free samples available – […]

100+ Pregnancy and Postpartum Hacks from a Homeschool Mom of 8

Homeschooling is challenging. Add in pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing and you've got a full plate! Here are some tips from a homeschool mom of 8!

There’s one thing for sure about homeschooling: it encompasses all of life. And all of life is fair game for homeschooling! So, when mama is expecting, you can bet that pregnancy and postpartum issues are on the list of homeschool management concerns! I’m going to be really honest with you. I’m not a nutrition or […]

What Do We Do With All This Candy?!?

Do you have a lot of extra candy? Check out this big list ways to use the candy in your homeschool for educational activities!

This is the candy time of the year! Even if you don’t go Trick-or-Treating, you might be inundated with candy from … grandparents, Daddy’s work, the physical therapist’s waiting room … So, what do you do with all that candy? Are you doomed to days of sugar-charged circus ringmaster-ing? How can you possibly convince them […]