profile-picMe: Hello, and welcome, friend!  I’m Lynna.  Kick off your shoes, grab something yummy to drink and pull up a chair!  I am so glad you’ve found your way here.  It’s really nice to meet you!

You:  Hi!  Thanks, but I’m not sure if I’m in the right place.  I see that you have seven kids.  I think you must be a different kind of mama than most of the ones I know.

Me: Oh my, no.  Not at all.  I’m the kinda mama who wakes up tired in the morning, sometimes looking forward to the day, sometimes dreading it, always hanging on for that first cup of coffee.  I’m the kinda mama who loves each and every one of her children with a passion, but sometimes finds them overwhelming as a herd.

You: Yea, but this site is all about homeschooling, right?

Me: Well, we do homeschool.  And so that is a big part of how we spend our day and where I invest my time.  But honestly, 90% of homeschooling could really be co-classified as plain old “parenting”.  I have to change diapers, settle arguments, encourage struggling kiddos, manage clothing and toys and help people to see the good in each other.  Honestly, if you oversee homework time after school, then your responsibilities and mine aren’t all that different!  And you might find some of the “homeschool” goodies useful for extra practice or summer extensions.

You: OK, I get that.  But I also see that your website has a lot of Bible verses on it.  Is this only a place for Christians?

Me:  You know, I don’t want to be misleading to anyone.  I am a follower of Jesus.  His Word is the foundation of my belief and practice.  It is a comfort to my heart and a life-giving spring to a thirsty soul (that’s why it keeps showing up in my musings on motherhood!).  But this space is by no means limited to those of any one worldview.  Have you ever noticed how motherhood just seems to automatically create common ground?  Have you ever sensed the bond and camaraderie those tired hours and moments of tearful joy produce?  Then you’ll get why this space is for you.

You: Well, then, give me the tour!  Where should I start?

Me: I’m sure glad you asked!  Here are some of my favorite posts to give you a sampling of the blog.

With a big family, “simplify” is a pretty important vocabulary word around here.  You can read about 5 Ways to Simplify Your Homeschool Schedule and why we do Family Schooling.

Because parenthood and homeschooling are indistinguishably intertwined, I also write a lot about the important role of a mama.  In fact, sometimes being the mama of many siblings is a lot like being a Mama Marriage Counselor.  Kids bicker, but often The Issue is not The Issue, and then need to understand the 3 Kinds of “I’m Sorry”.

Honestly, being a mama can beat you up and knock you down some days.  I’ve been through my share of challenges and struggles.  I need encouragement and reminders of why I’m doing what I’m doing, and I know you do, too.  That’s why I wrote about My Mama Superpower and reflected on Psalm 25 for Mommies.

Since we’re a digital family, we’ve loved Our (Digital) Morning Time.  But perhaps you’re concerned about electronic use in your homeschool?  You might be wondering Is Digital Dangerous?  Read about three common concerns and how to think through them.

And, last but certainly not least, I love to share resources with other homeschool moms!  Board gaming is pretty much our top favorite activity around here.  You can read about my hubby’s thought on what would qualify as a Living Board Game and then check out our HUGE list of games in Better Learning through Board Gaming.    I’ve also collected lots of suggestions if you’d like to Sing for your School or hear about how we are Upping our Audiobook Game.

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