3 Things You Should Drop from Your Homeschool Schedule

Homeschool schedules can quickly become overloaded. Something has to go. But how do you decide which things you need to drop?

Time for my monthly guest post over at the Home Educators Association of Virginia blog!  This month, I’ve been thinking a lot about homeschool schedules and how overloaded they can become!  But how do you know what should go?

I’m no money-saving expert, but I’d like to suggest that basic money-saving principles can cross-apply to your homeschool schedule. I remember once reading some wise advice from a money-saving guru. She said that there are basically two ways to save money. One is to find a less expensive way to get the things you usually buy. But the other way is to stop purchasing some of the things you regularly buy. It’s the second way that can really make great gains in your budget.

So it is with your homeschooling schedule. So many times the advice available out there focuses on helping you to get it all done more efficiently. You can make some margins in your schedule through efficiency. But if you really want breathing room, you are going to have to toss some things. Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions…

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3 Replies to “3 Things You Should Drop from Your Homeschool Schedule”

  1. Loved your post! I especially love that you bring up cutting out anything that’s just being done because of guilt. Far too often, even with things other than homeschooling, we just do it because of guilt, go to a social gathering because of guilt, keep an impractical gift because of guilt. And honestly, that’s the wrong motivation. All it adds is negative feelings attached to it, a sense of obligation, and that doesn’t help anyone! Thanks for this post. 🙂
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    1. Yes, absolutely – great point. Guilt finds its way into lots of areas of life!

      1. It certainly does, and honestly, all it does is drag us down!
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