Homeschool Holiday Gift Ideas

A collection of posts on resources and ideas for gifts to enhance the homeschool education environment for kids and families.

Homeschool families have such a great opportunity for gift giving that enhances and adds sparkle to the learning happening in the home!  This is a collection of some of my most popular posts full of suggestions for books, accessories, and other goodies that complement a well-rounded home education environment! Resource Posts Digital Gift Ideas for […]

My Mama Superpower

Someday my children will face the world on their own. But today, they have me. In my own small, strong way, I am a Super Mom.

I have a superpower.  It isn’t x-ray vision, or even eyes in the back of my head.  Given enough adrenaline and toddler mayhem, I could probably leap just about anything in a single bound.  But that isn’t it, either.  I’m discovering that I have the power to create a forcefield.  And, mama, so do you. Speeding […]