Little People Love Gaming, Too!

Board gaming really can be an activity for the whole family - even your little people! Find out how to involve your 3-5-year-olds in family board games!

One of the reasons we have embraced board gaming is because of how adaptable it is to whole-family, multi-generational interaction.  (Read more here about what we call “Living” Board Games.) Granted we haven’t figured out a way to involve the eighteen-month-old in board gaming in a meaningful way (i.e. chewing on game components doesn’t count […]

Games are for Playing

This post was originally published on an earlier blog under the title “Does it Draw You In?”  I shelved it while I got this blog up and running, but I’m bringing it back so we can continue the conversation about board games! Living Books Recently I’ve been inspired to learn from the writings of Charlotte […]